Contract to supply equipment for 3 electricity grids on Wallis


Страна: острова Валлис и Футуна
Язык: EN FR
Номер: 4793891
Дата публикации: 13-10-2017
Источник: TED
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Тэги: Electricity


1.Publication reference:EuropeAid/136230/IH/SUP/WF.

2.Date of publication of the contract notice:15.7.2015.

3.Lot number and title:1 lot only.

4.Contract number and value:Contract No: FED/2017/383-915.Contract value: 527 200 EUR.

5.Date of contract award:15.9.2016.

6.Number of tenders received:2.

7.Name, address and nationality of the selected tenderer:Oceanic Electric SARL (FR), lot 20 — ZIZA Païta — BP 29, 98890 Païta, NEW CALEDONIA.

8.Contract duration:4 months.

9.Contracting authority:The Prefect, Senior Administrator of the Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands, EDF Territorial Authorising Officer, Mata-Utu, WALLIS AND FUTUNA.

10.Legal basis:Council Decision 2013/755/EU of 25.11.2013 on the association of the overseas countries and territories with the European Union ("Overseas Association Decision").

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